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Common mistakes confident players make, watch out!

Sure, you know how it goes. You’ve seen it all. But hey, could you be overlooking some very important aspects that could be affecting your fun time? We have detected the top three mistakes confident gamblers tend to make. As the smart player you are, you might want to review this list and make sure you’re safe!:   #1 – Ignoring ‘The Rules’: So, who reads ‘rules’, right. Really, no one does. The term even sounds like a contradiction in a [...]


Top 5 Epic Adventure-themed Video Slots

When it comes to getting some adrenaline in your blood, there’s nothing like these Epic slots, featuring impossible adventures through time and across ancient lands. Join forces with gods and heroes to unravel the secrets that lead to the gold!   #1: Gonzo’s QuestThe quest for El Dorado has had players going jungle crazy for this slot, with action-packed bonus features and high volatility, making this a pure gold game.   #2: Book of DeadRich Wild takes you on an epic journey to [...]


The Story of One Eye Falls

A not-so-long time ago at a parallel time-space reality, where blue folks roam the ever changing lands of a magical world of possibilities, there was this tiny Trebol, waking up from a deep sleep.   It was the kind of sleep you wake up from, but you’re not sure you’ve woken up at all? Still unsure and confused, Trebol opens its shiny magenta eyes to find itself in a foreign land. Without knowing it, Trebol has somehow been transported to the [...]