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How to spot fake NetEnt games (Yes, they exist!)

Ever heard of counterfeit NetEnt games? Believe it or not, the ‘Deep Web’ offers fake lookalike software for just a few bucks to whoever wants to offer NetEnt on their site…without having the proper license by NetEnt itself.   Back in 2016, several online casinos were blacklisted due to allegedly offering NetEnt games when not legally licensed by the actual provider, hence causing their “NetEnt games” offer to be all fake.   But why would a site resort to using phony NetEnt games [...]


Welcome Microgaming to Fantasino + Brief history of Microgaming + Brief list of some of Microgaming’s “fan favorites”

There’s a new baby in the house! But this certainly is no “baby”…. It’s none other than iGaming veteran Microgaming we’re welcoming to Fantasino! So, it’s official now, the Fantasy World welcomes you! 😀   With over 800 titles to their name (emphasis on “over” – these guys are so impossibly prolific their numbers are growing by the minute!), the uber creative folks at Microgaming are pioneers in online casino entertainment.   Roaming the iGaming universe since 1994, MG has been climbing the [...]


The Story of Tiki Lava

Is it hot in here, or is it just Trebol? Looking around and ready for action, Trebol sees a massive fiery volcano surrounded by a dense tropical jungle. Exploring its surroundings, Trebol soon notices what looks like ancient ruins scattered all over the place. Is there some sort of civilisation here somehow, even though nobody is to be seen? Maybe they disappeared a long time ago…?   The fiery island of Tiki Lava looks like it’s empty but it’s not: This [...]