Common mistakes confident players make, watch out!

Common mistakes confident players make, watch out!

Sure, you know how it goes. You’ve seen it all. But hey, could you be overlooking some very important aspects that could be affecting your fun time? We have detected the top three mistakes confident gamblers tend to make. As the smart player you are, you might want to review this list and make sure you’re safe!:


#1 – Ignoring ‘The Rules’:

So, who reads ‘rules’, right. Really, no one does. The term even sounds like a contradiction in a world where it’s all ‘fun and games’, right? Wrong! Smart gamblers really know how to roll, first by understanding the rules. Every time you put your money in for some good gaming time, make sure you know how to make it “good gaming”.


As gamblers become more confident, they tend to overlook certain differences or rules variations in different games (especially table games). Some games will have different pay structures or winning odds, even when having similar names. Other times, certain jackpot slots might require for you to place a max bet in order to apply for the jackpot prize, for instance.


This applies to bonus and wagering requirements, too. Make sure you understand what you are accepting by reading the Terms and Conditions of bonuses first, always! Avoid having your winnings forfeited because of a breach in terms, for example when going over the max bet limit.


#2 – Playing high variance slots when on a tight budget:

Yep, we all want that big win that will take us to magic Paradise Island on first class… or better yet, your own Air Force One? Anyway, keep in mind playing high volatility slots, while it does mean payouts are higher, it also means payouts are a lot less frequent than on lower variance slots. Meaning, you’ll see your money evaporate without any signs of jolliness for a while.


Know your game and be ultra-smart about your gambling choices. Why not start off with smaller but more frequent winnings that can eventually sum up to be big?


#3 – Losing track of your bets ‘and’ time:

It’s all so deliciously flashy and colorful and you got your lucky star with you tonight… keep it shinning by always minding the track of time, and the amount and frequency of bets you’re placing.


Keeping control of how you play lets you re-work your strategies when needed and understand how different games behave. Don’t over-focus without stopping from time to time to refresh your mind and review your gameplay so far. This way you will always be on top of your game.


Play smart and have fun! See you around, folks.



The Fantasino Team