How to spot fake NetEnt games (Yes, they exist!)

How to spot fake NetEnt games (Yes, they exist!)

Ever heard of counterfeit NetEnt games? Believe it or not, the ‘Deep Web’ offers fake lookalike software for just a few bucks to whoever wants to offer NetEnt on their site…without having the proper license by NetEnt itself.


Back in 2016, several online casinos were blacklisted due to allegedly offering NetEnt games when not legally licensed by the actual provider, hence causing their “NetEnt games” offer to be all fake.


But why would a site resort to using phony NetEnt games in the first place? It might be due to the fact that NetEnt ensures fairness for all on every single slot, and they are very rigurous on this point when issuing licenses, which means all NetEnt slots come with an unbiased RTP (Return to Player), and if a lucky player wins at any such slot, it’s on the casino to pay the winnings in full out of their own pocket, no complaining allowed.


“Configuring” a slot to increase the house (Casino) advantage over a player is strictly forbidden. Certain casinos might just find it a wee bit easier if they can just increase their profit out of offering “NetEnt games”, hence resorting to counterfeit software, which enables them to ‘adjust’ payout percentages freely, as these games are untested and the casinos are usually not monitored by anybody. Yikes!


So how do you spot a fake NetEnt game?? Try the below tips:

  • The main way to unmask a phony game is by its URL. A legitimate NetEnt game web address will include a secure ‘https’ connection and the proper server domain com.


Once a game has been loaded, upon inspection of the browser code you should find the subdomain “”, which means NetEnt is legitimately hosting this game. Any other subdomains, such as “” (notice the missing “e”) or “” are are all fake gaming servers.


  • All NetEnt games show the NetEnt logo when loading, with a green loading bar above it, which is the official branding. If instead of this you get a generic progress bar or spinning circle, beware! You might be at a bogus boogeyman.


  • When loading a real money game, there should be a small note below the screen stating you are playing under the jurisdiction of Malta. If said note is missing… boogeyman.


  • Look for the Intro. NetEnt always displays an impressive into clip based on the slot theme before taking you to the actual game.


  • Spot differences in graphics quality, fonts, display issues and overall functionality of the game. Fake ones usually have a ‘fake’ feel to them.


  • Progressive jackpot prizes on fake NetEnt games tend to be significantly and abnormally lower than on their legitimate counterpart.


We hope to shed some light on this matter, friendly folks. Remember to always play clean and play fair. Of course, it comes without saying that all Fantasino’s NetEnt games are properly licensed, so come on over anytime, have fun and play away!



The Fantasino Team