Progressive Jackpots… Did you know?

Progressive Jackpots… Did you know?

We know you know all about progressive jackpot slots…. or do you? Check these fun facts about progressive slots and test your online jackpot knowledge!


  • Did you know that, in addition to the usual way you can become eligible for one of the progressive jackpots offered on a progressive slot, some slots also offer Random Jackpots? That’s right! Without you having to do anything other than simply spin the reels, you might be able to get rewarded with a randomly triggered jackpot!
  • Did you know that jackpot master Microgaming sometimes offers two different versions of the same progressive slot, one with a classic three reels and the other as a standard 5-reel video slot? That way you can alternate!
  • Did you know some progressive jackpots will only take you into account for the Jackpot prize if you wager a Max Bet on all Paylines? This happens mainly in older progressive slots, but some recent ones also include this a requirement to become eligible for the jackpot game. Always make sure to check the paytable!
  • Did you know all progressive slots will have a ‘seed value’? This refers to the jackpot amount a jackpot will reset to after a player has won it. The seed value is a ‘reset value’ whereas a progressive slot will then offer a base amount on their jackpot while players increase the size again with each wager.


See ya at the slots, folks!



The Fantasino Team