Smartphone Checklist for best Mobile game functionality

Smartphone Checklist for best Mobile game functionality

Mobile gaming is all the rave, and over at Fantasino, we’ve optimised our site for spotless mobile functionality! However, it’s also important that you keep in mind your smartphone type and technical specifications are also involved in making this a truly magical playtime experience.

Here are a few tips to consider when roaming the online casino world on a mobile device:

A mobile device’s processing power will determine how well an online casino game will work. To ensure top functionality and fast loading times, try sticking to mobile devices that are no more than four years old and/or have a fully updated OS, meaning the latest operating system software update has been installed.

The more capacity a smartphone/tablet has, the better the gaming functionality. Make sure your mobile device has sufficient space to hold online gaming-related cookies, temp files, and others. The less space it holds, the slower the game reaction times.

For full optimisation, make sure you clean your smartphone/tablet of any unwanted and unneeded software that might cause for the device to slow down or cause it to crash.

Make sure the operating system your device is running is compatible with the online casino game you’re trying to play. Most mobile games are optimised for iOS and Android devices at least (many all also enabled for other operating systems such as Blackberry and Windows). However, when in comparison, mobile devices holding Android OS will enjoy of a lot more variety of online games than any other OS.

On the other hand, Apple devices will offer less variety, however their gaming selection will usually be more stable / glitch out less.

Bigger screen = better playtime! Remember online games are all about the visuals, and the bigger your device’s screen, the better the game will load. Also, the bigger the screen, the better you’ll be able to control the gameplay.

So are you now ready to mobilise your way over to your favorite game? Try your luck and have fun!


The Fantasino Team