The Story of One Eye Falls

The Story of One Eye Falls

A not-so-long time ago at a parallel time-space reality, where blue folks roam the ever changing lands of a magical world of possibilities, there was this tiny Trebol, waking up from a deep sleep.


It was the kind of sleep you wake up from, but you’re not sure you’ve woken up at all? Still unsure and confused, Trebol opens its shiny magenta eyes to find itself in a foreign land. Without knowing it, Trebol has somehow been transported to the land of One Eye Falls.


Signs on trees warn Trebol of a terrible One Eye Monster wandering around and scaring poor blue-folks away of their houses. Finding secret paths and chests along the way, Trebol will soon accept its destiny as the hero of the Fantasy World after reading a spell on a Magical Stone. Invoking the powers of this mysterious land, will Trebol make it through the Golden Door?

Ahh, what a pleasant read. Hey, you’re still there?? What are you waiting for? Launch the One Eye Falls Quest and cross the gate to find out what happens next!



The Fantasino team