The Story of Tiki Lava

The Story of Tiki Lava

Is it hot in here, or is it just Trebol? Looking around and ready for action, Trebol sees a massive fiery volcano surrounded by a dense tropical jungle. Exploring its surroundings, Trebol soon notices what looks like ancient ruins scattered all over the place. Is there some sort of civilisation here somehow, even though nobody is to be seen? Maybe they disappeared a long time ago…?


The fiery island of Tiki Lava looks like it’s empty but it’s not: This burning hot island is home to the Tiki people, who are very possessive of their domains and *really* dislike foreigners. And then here’s Trebol, in all its bluish cheery glory! You better stay alert, Trebol.


Tiki Lava is bursting with dangerous lava trails, lava rivers and even a lava-wall, watch out, or your delicate leaf might melt away! The only path away from the heat and danger of this place lies beyond the top of the volcano, where dark clouds of magical spells and drumming can be heard from afar. Could a Tiki Boss be waiting up in the mountain?


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