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You have now arrived in Upsiderella Town!

Everything has been turned upside down! Join Trebol as it finds itself in a flooded town where Venice-looking gondoliers wearing striped t-shirts and giant straw boater hats are waiting to take customers on a water tour over umbrella gondolas! The wait has been long, but not in vain — Fantasino’s new Quest comes will 15 brand new Missions that will have you singing everytime a new reward is unlocked. It’s all so watery in here! And prizes are hidden all over [...]


The Story of Tiki Lava

Is it hot in here, or is it just Trebol? Looking around and ready for action, Trebol sees a massive fiery volcano surrounded by a dense tropical jungle. Exploring its surroundings, Trebol soon notices what looks like ancient ruins scattered all over the place. Is there some sort of civilisation here somehow, even though nobody is to be seen? Maybe they disappeared a long time ago…?   The fiery island of Tiki Lava looks like it’s empty but it’s not: This [...]


The Story of One Eye Falls

A not-so-long time ago at a parallel time-space reality, where blue folks roam the ever changing lands of a magical world of possibilities, there was this tiny Trebol, waking up from a deep sleep.   It was the kind of sleep you wake up from, but you’re not sure you’ve woken up at all? Still unsure and confused, Trebol opens its shiny magenta eyes to find itself in a foreign land. Without knowing it, Trebol has somehow been transported to the [...]