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You have now arrived in Upsiderella Town!

Everything has been turned upside down! Join Trebol as it finds itself in a flooded town where Venice-looking gondoliers wearing striped t-shirts and giant straw boater hats are waiting to take customers on a water tour over umbrella gondolas! The wait has been long, but not in vain — Fantasino’s new Quest comes will 15 brand new Missions that will have you singing everytime a new reward is unlocked. It’s all so watery in here! And prizes are hidden all over [...]


Introducing Trebol Skills: General explanation of 6 Skills, Levels and benefits

You know how you were such a cute child, and then you went through that whole inexplicably rebellious phase during your teens to finally become the totally-over-that well adapted adult and got a car? So, Trebols kind of do the same thing. Trebols grow!   These are called Trebol Skills. Trebol levels up as you play at slots – the more you play, the higher the Trebol Skill. You’ll be able to see your Trebol skill, along with your current level [...]