Introducing Trebol Skills: General explanation of 6 Skills, Levels and benefits

Introducing Trebol Skills: General explanation of 6 Skills, Levels and benefits

You know how you were such a cute child, and then you went through that whole inexplicably rebellious phase during your teens to finally become the totally-over-that well adapted adult and got a car? So, Trebols kind of do the same thing. Trebols grow!


These are called Trebol Skills. Trebol levels up as you play at slots – the more you play, the higher the Trebol Skill. You’ll be able to see your Trebol skill, along with your current level and benefit details from the Lobby as well as within the Inventory.


Each Skill gets specific benefits granted by Fantasino, and higher Skills get better rewards, be it more weekly surprise Free Spins, more (and better!) special weekly Deposit Bonuses (like a 50% Deposit Bonus, a 100% Deposit Bonus, etc), and access to better slots to purchase Free Spins for.


Skills go as follows:


Levels 0 – 10: Seeker Trebol

Baby folks start off as Seekers. They can gather up to 100 Tokens per day and receive up to 5 Free Spins surprises per week.


> Levels 11 – 20: Pathfinder Trebol

As Trebol grows it becomes a Pathfinder, capable of collecting up to 200 Tokens per day + up to 10 Free Spins surprises per week.


> Levels 21 – 50: Adventurous Trebol

Adventurous Trebols know true fun, and can collect up to 300 Tokens per day, and get up to 15 Free Spin surprise gifts per week.


> Levels 51 – 100: Wild Trebol

As Trebol becomes the hero of the Fantasy World benefits really start going wild, and Wild Trebols can gather up to 500 Tokens per day and enjoy up to 20 Free Spins surprises per week.


> Levels 101 – 300: Fearless Trebol

Things start getting serious here. These folks are definitely fearless thrill seekers, gathering up to 1,000 Tokens per day, 3 weekly Deposit Bonuses and up to 25 Free Spins surprise gifts.


> Level 301+: Immortal Trebol

Who needs Avatar when you have your own blue Immortal Trebol?! These folks can gather up to 1,500 Tokens per day, get 3 special Deposit Bonuses per week and up to 30 Free Spins surprises on juicy slots. Getting to this level is hard, though.


Are you up to the challenge? Have fun and play away!



The Fantasino team